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العودة   منتديات طلاب وطالبات جامعة الملك عبدالعزيز [ سكاو ] > الكليات الجامعية > منتدى كلية الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية > قسم اللغات الأوروبية و آدابها > منتدى الملخصات والمواضيع المميزة (قسم اللغات الأوروبية و آدابها)
هل نسيت كلمة المرور؟

منتدى الملخصات والمواضيع المميزة (قسم اللغات الأوروبية و آدابها) قسم خاص يتم نقل المواضيع المميزة و الملخصات والملفات المهمه الخاصة بقسم اللغات الأوروبية و آدابها

::: دروس خصوصية منهجية لمادة Writing 2 Lane-216 :::

منتدى الملخصات والمواضيع المميزة (قسم اللغات الأوروبية و آدابها)

أدوات الموضوع إبحث في الموضوع انواع عرض الموضوع
منتديات طلاب وطالبات جامعة الملك عبد العزيز منتديات طلاب وطالبات جامعة الملك عبد العزيز
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Jasmine Al-Qahtani

يارب يسّر أمري

الصورة الرمزية Jasmine Al-Qahtani
تاريخ التسجيل: Jun 2008
نوع الدراسة: إنتظام
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


The other method which is

Point by Point Organization

Consuming Fresh Foods Instead of Canned FoodsEating is an activity that we as humans do at least two times a day. We live in a world where the variety of food is immense, and we are responsible for what we eat. We decide what we are about to eat and how it will affect our bodies. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between eating fresh foods instead of canned foods. The three main differences are flavor, health benefits, and cost.

The most notable difference between these two kinds of foods is their flavor. Fresh foods have great flavor and taste because they keep all their natural conditions. Canned foods however, lack a lot of its flavor characteristics because there are some other chemical products added to the natural foods. It is logical that the fresh foods will have a greater taste and flavor when consumed just because of the time in which they have been prepared.

Comparing both types of foods we notice another difference. There is a health factor that affects both of them. Canned foods lose some of the original fresh food nutrients when stored, and also it has to be tinned with many conservatives and chemical factors that prolong the f life and apparent freshness of the food but could also become toxic if consumed too often.

Yet another difference between these two types of foods is the cost. Canned foods are much more expensive than fresh foods. Here the benefit of buying tinned foods is that they are easier to find, for example, in a supermarket instead of the market like the fresh foods, and they require less work to prepare than fresh foods, just open and serve.

Here are the main three differences between buying fresh foods and buying canned foods. As we can see it comes down to a personal choice, based on the time each person has, the money and the importance he/she gives to his/her nutrition and health. Therefore it is important that you consider your possibilities and choose the best type of foods for your convenience and lifestyle

The essay above is the "classic" five paragraph essay that all non-native speakers of English should learn to write. This essays also contains the "classic" point-by-point organization, each point stated and developed in a single paragraph. The essay contains five paragraphs that contrast three differences between fresh and canned foods. The essay includes (1) an introduction, (2) the development of the first difference (flavor), (3) the development of the second difference (health benefits), (4) the development of the third difference (cost), and (5) a conclusion. In the true classic tradition, the three main differences in this contrast essay—flavor, health benefits, and cost—are stated both in the introduction and the conclusion as well.

The method above is the one we suppose to write in our course Lane216

so, read the model and rewrite it



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